Information Station

It's easy to take things for granted and not to appreciate them. But sometimes that isn't the way it works. The things you take for granted change with the situation, time, or even physical movement. Imagine if the electricity and water weren't working. You'd be upset to say the least. We take those important parts of our lives seriously and we also take for granted that they will work. But these are two main things in our daily lives and they appreciated.

However, there are many things we take for granted that we hardly even think about. For example when I lived in Yachats we had a gas station then we didn't. It was gone! Whoops couldn't take that for granted any more. We still take for granted the the grocery stores, library, law officers and other staples of life for us that live on The Central Oregon Coast. But one thing I find many us forget because we take it for granted, is the beauty of the area.

The other day I was talking to my new neighbors who moved here from Texas. The kids were amazed at how green and lush it is here as opposed to where they had been living They were also amazed by the river, bay and ocean. Well I live here and take all of that for granted. I had forgotten how stunning the beauty of the area is to someone who has never seen it before. I really gained appreciation for the area all over again after that conversation I will certainly never just take it for granted. It's time to “Stop and Smell the Roses”, and I took a good sniff.