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One of the amazing things about Oregon and in particular The Central Oregon Coast, is the weather. As I write this it's T-Shirt weather. Sure the rain will come soon and spend some quality here, but today the Sun and it's warm rays have the upper hand.

When the rain does come The Central Oregon coast is a hospitable place to be. It's amazing that when the squalls of rain and wind appear there are many places to go to have some fun. The lodges, like The Moose, always have something going on, the service organizations like The Lions are active and the houses of worship are always welcoming and active. There are Holiday Bazaars and great Library's. Of course the eating and drinking establishments are cozy and warm on chilly evenings.

Since The Central Oregon Coast is made up of many communities it's very likely you”ll run into someone you know which is always nice. That's often not the case If you live in a big city. But here you are bound to know someone every time you venture out since Highway 101 runs through most of the communities that make up our part of the world. If you venture away from The Central Oregon Coast it's probably into the valley and you probably know someone there also.

So in a nutshell we here on The Central Oregon Coast are very fortunate to be in a location that not only is friendly and beautiful with lots to offer everyone but it is also a whole lot of fun. So cheers to we residents and to those who have the opportunity to visit and enjoy The Central Oregon Coast!