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Video games and their supporting equipment and software are a Billion Dollar industry! That is amazing but when you think about it it's very predictable. With the advent of smart phones and tablets and personal computers it was only a matter of time before people spent enormous amounts of time on their devices. While it's true that the bulk of video games are played by young folks more and more seniors are playing them also for fun and agility and keeping their brains active.

So here goes the conversation that “young people don't do anything except check their phones and play video games”. I'm sure that is true to an extent but young people today have grown up, and are growing up in the high tech world. Give a kid a computer or smart phone and within minutes they have mastered how to use it and go right ahead and use them efficiently. That's their world and they understand it, where as older folks are often confused and even afraid of these devices that kids just pick up and try to figure out.

The players in the economic end of this are familiar names, Sony and Microsoft are a couple and the big money earners are the games made by and played on Nintendo, PlayStation and X box devices. The games they make are amazing and vividly realistic. Plus everything is fast in those games and to a young person that is everything.

One of the best things I have heard lately is that in one city Girl Scouts were given points towards merit badges for teaching seniors how to operate and use their smart phones! What a great idea, take the energy and knowledge young folks have and use it to help we seniors catch up to today's world! I mean Henry Ford and his Model T car were very hip back then and now we are looking at self driving electric cars. As Bob Dylan sang “The Times They Are A Changing”. Have fun folks!!