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Sure it's summer and Baseball season is going full blast but the other day I saw a neighbor and somehow the conversation turned to Football. Now this isn't really to odd since I am a big Football fan and my neighbor is a huge fan of The Green Bay Packers. So we started talking had a great conversation

I admit to being a Sports fan but I think that Sports is a good way for folks to communicate with one and another. It's that part of a person that has a “Favorite” team, athlete, school, or just the excitement that comes with Sporting events. It's something one can be passionate about and express that passion without being judged. Everyone knows a passionate Sports fan and just puts up with them unless they are rooting for the same team as you are then they are just friends!

I've found Oregon a great place to be a Sports fan. The colleges have top notch athletic teams in a variety of sports. Many high-schools have big time programs and attendances, and given that this is the Northwest there are several teams in several sports that get a lot of attention.

So it's not to hard to find an Oregonian who doesn't have some interest in Sports and some great opinions on what would make their favorite Sports entity better. What's great about that is that a discussion will soon follow but it will a constructive discussion where both sides can win. Both sides of the discussion will take suggestions from the other side. That is what Sport does, it's a game, it's not life or death like real world problems can be, but more of escape to another part of life that is fun and exciting. Sure it hurts when your team gets beaten but in Sports there is always a “Next Time”. So if you find yourself with strangers try mentioning Sports and I bet you'll end up communicating in a good way. So enjoy your favorite Sports and may your team win!!