Information Station

Summer here on The Central Oregon Coast is great. It lasts for a good while and after the 4th of July most of us have hit our comfortable stride. We know what is ahead and we know how to pace ourselves and be aware of what happens here during the Summer months. The changes in the traffic patterns with all the visitors arriving keeps you on your toes but since we've been here before you just adjust. In fact sometimes taking different routes to avoid traffic jams can lead to seeing some beautiful scenery you don't normally see!

You can't blame tourists, which I call visitors, for being for sightseers and being somewhat slow driving and walking around, that's why they come to this beautiful part of The Central Oregon Coast, to see it and remember it. I live here and a lot of the time I go slow and enjoy what's here also.

I also visit the various eating and drinking establishments in Waldport, Yachats, Seal Rock and other locations and it's in these fine places that I get to met many visitors who are from all over the world. This is a very interesting part of life to me, meeting folks from places I've visited and places I've never been. I enjoy sitting and talking to some of the visitors about where they are from. Often they will mention how much of here reminds them of where they have come from. Sometimes it's the physical similarity or the friendliness of the residents, or even the climate. However what strikes me the most is how often visitors will remark that they feel very “welcomed” by the local residents they are meeting.

I'm proud to say that as a local it's wonderful that those who have come to visit feel comfortable here. I think this 'welcoming” attitude is a big reason folks love to visit and that we are certainly happy to “welcome” them!