Information Station

The sounds of Summer are more fun than the pitter patter of the winter rain on the roof and windows. However that sound is good if you're dry and warm.

But Summer sounds tend to lean towards fun, energy and excitement. As for the energy, it's the sound of construction, lawnmowers and line trimmers. Where I live it's also the sound of the folks driving their boats to the water to fish and crab. It takes that summer weather combination of sun and no wind and it's on, “getter done” as they say.

Then the fun sounds of Summer kick in. Birds singing, people jabbering with one another, music coming from open car windows, The sounds of people at youth sporting events. Folks excitingly telling others about the great time they had on their last tip to the big city. And the kids laughing and hollering, each wanting to tell their summer story. It's fun to listen as they cruise by looking for the next summer adventure.

The sounds of excitement are for those returning to school, starting a new job or coming back to their town after a summer away. The reunion of old friends, new friends and those that haven't met or worked with before. Summer is great at that, it's that break in routine but unlike rainy winter where you are more or less inside most of the time with the windows closed, summer time is for opening the windows and getting out there to enjoy the beauty of the area and the chance to meet up with those doing the same thing that you are and enjoying it. That's fun and I hope you get to have some this summer and enjoy the Sounds of Summer!