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Schedule is that word that really means how you manage your time. You can't Schedule a thing unless you've Scheduled your time to allow you to successfully stick with the Schedule.

We all have Schedules and as we go through life our Schedules change. When you are a baby people Schedule around your needs, but that ends when you become a full fledged kid. You know, you have to Schedule time for school and the basic things like that. If you're lucky enough to have a part time job while you go to school you've got to stick with the Schedule they put you on. As you get into adulthood work Schedules run your life so to speak. But as a responsible adult you also can control your Schedule allowing you to do what you want to do, like take a vacation or a night out.

I knew a guy who was a master at Scheduling. He was a musical agent and he Scheduled dates for major bands on tour and the not so famous bands into local musical venues. This wasn't your everyday Scheduling like we do daily, because not only did he control the bands Scheduling, he had to co-ordinate with the Schedules of the promoters and owners of the music venues. It was like a game of chess, each move time-wise was important to make all the Schedules match up. But the best part of doing that kind of Scheduling is that when it works and those who stick by the Schedule are ready to Schedule some more dates.

However, for we regular folks Scheduling personal time is important since the Scheduling we do is for the time we can have some fun and productive time to do things we want to do, we can Schedule it in and for sure if it's good enough we will be ready to roll when the Schedule calls for it!