Information Station

The Great Garage sale recently in Waldport was more than just a garage sale! It was a “thing”. As soon as the weather turns good here so do the “Garage” “Yard” and “Estate” signs that pop up along the highways and byways. But those pale in comparison to the annual Great Garage Sale which is highly advertised everywhere and had maps available at various locations to all the sales. It's well organized and the turn out is great. However what makes it really special and fun is the way folks go from one sale location to another then pause to talk to others and compare what they got to the things the others have found.

Where I live in Waldport is located near the center of town with a lot of people walking by and since this years sale had good weather I was outside most of the day and it was amazing the stories I heard from folks walking by then stopping to tell me and show me the treasures they had found. It was a kick, people were excited with their finds and often several people would stop and compare their goodies with other peoples treasures. Suddenly there were be extended conversations with people I know didn't know each other before they began their “show and tell” stories, It was great to see, for once there were conversations that weren't about politics or religion or other things that can lead to arguments, but instead about the joy people had found with their “best thing I ever found”. So I'd say: three cheers for the “Great Garage Sale” it made many, many folks around here happy and happy to see each other and happy to spend their hard earned cash with a smile!!