Information Station

One of the many choices that come with the return of Spring is a big one; what am I or we, going to do this summer? Of course Summer is a ways off but Spring is the time to start weighing in on your options for when Summer does arrive! In fact this morning I heard on the radio that the best time to buy airline tickets for Summer travel is now! However for we folk that aren't going to fly away this summer what are we going to do?

There are many options to chose from for Summer fun. Too help sort them out we've got to look at the persons situation. Do you have kids? That puts you into one group and another group is those without kids, and then there is the group of single folks. But have no fear, there are fun Summer events for everyone. You can take the kids to many programs that are geared for them during the Summer like the sports programs offered or the library's which offer Summer programs. Summer camps are also available for kids, so there are lots of options to keep the kiddos busy. Now for those without kids there are lots of options including day trips to the many communities near here what you haven't had time to visit yet. And of course you can always visit the many fine eating establishments that offer Summer specials. And for you single folks just hitting the highway looking for adventure is a great way to spend a beautiful Oregon Summer night or day!

But my favorite Summer activity is listening to the big city telecasts suggesting folks head to the coast for Summer fun! Well guess what, we live here at the coast and we are ready to have Summer enjoyment right here where we live! Have a great Summer and play safely!