Information Station

Beachcomber Days are happening! At one point this annual celebration was in question due to some licensing legalities. That would have been a real drag for a community event that has been in existence for over sixty years! But thanks to the efforts of individuals and some businesses now the show is on and the many folks from near and far that attend are ready for some good old fashion fun. How can you go wrong with a parade, music, food, and much more including a bed race!

I have fond memories of Beachcomber Days past as I'm sure many others do and personally I think that is one of the best things of this celebration. It's that chance to reflect on those memories which are often forgotten until the celebration is brought to our attention again. It is also to take advantage of living in this community because Beachcomber Days brings out so many folks that you are bound to run into some friend of yours you haven't seen since the last Beachcomber Days!

It's great to be able to socialize and party with folks you know which is often missing from other places because they don't have celebrations that focus on what's happening locally while here in this community that's what Beachcombers is all about. The celebration of being here and appreciating what we have here. There is a lot of history in the sixty some years of Beachcombers and if you take a little time to reflect on that and then throw in the fun of the party, Beachcomber Days will be a weekend to remember with a smile! Have fun and say hi to all your neighbors, friends and those visitors who just happen to be here when the party starts!