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It's officially Fall! You can feel it in the air, it's crisp, somewhat chilly and Football is going full blast. Fall is also the time for natures art show as the leaves turn many glorious shades of color before they vanish when Winter settles in. A drive from The Central Oregon Coast into the valley in the Fall is spectacular color wise, truly a sight to see.

Fall also brings the an avalanche of pre sales specials for the upcoming holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Of course folks complain about the earliness of these sales, but today that is part of the Fall season.

Perhaps though, one of the best parts of Fall is the bounty of Fall produce like squash, pumpkins and zucchini and other delicious vegetables. These can be turned into fantastic Fall feasts enjoyed by many at gatherings of friends and family. When it's chilly outside there is nothing is better than a feast of natures bounty in a warm and cozy home. For those that don't make it to a gathering the many restaurants in the area often offer delicious Fall specials on their menus.

Fall also signifies the true changing of seasons. The green grass fades to less green and the lawnmower is headed to the garage for storage. As the leaves fall your view of the surrounding area changes as you now can see things you couldn't see before because the leaves blocked your view. And of course after a good raking of the yards, there are the many leaf piles we used to dive into as young children!

And not to be forgotten is The Fall Classic; The World Series of Baseball. So indeed if you like Sports, Food, Sightseeing and Gatherings of friends and family, Fall is for you. Enjoy it for all right reasons and get ready for winter. Stay warm, eat well and have a great Fall Season!