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Mondays are Mondays but vary with the time of year. One reason is the weather. Surely a wet and cold Monday morning is more challenging than a warm and sunny Morning is. But that depends on what you have to do on a Monday morning to start off the new week. That said, Mondays are Mondays! As The Mamas & The Papas sang; “Monday Monday so good to me” Then they sang “Monday, Monday can't trust that day” So even they couldn't say that Monday is anything other than just a Monday.

I used to work for a guy who loved Mondays, weekends drove him crazy so Monday meant he could get his motor running and tackle what ever lay ahead for him. Of course he was in the entertainment business so he wanted to see how his acts had done over the weekend so he could make moves for the coming week.

However, I think he was like the rest of us, Monday was the first thing after the weekend which theoretically was a time of relaxation and some fun, now here is that Monday again! Gotta get back to work, or school,or cleaning up the weekend mess, or getting the kids ready for their Mondays. Monday means somethings gonna get done.

Actually Monday is a really good day and I figure any Monday I face means I'm alive and I've got things to do. I bet everyone that reads this has something to do on a Monday. I'm sure there are lists of things to do on a Monday but since I live on the Oregon Coast I'm not going to follow a list but just get outside, rain or shine, and take in what's out there. Nature will provide the direction and this Monday I'm going to tag along!!