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The Della in the early 1900s North Lincoln County, OR The ocean vessel, the Della, would supply North Lincoln County with goods for their stores from the Cloverdale Mercantile Store. Co-owner Charles Nelson would later co-found the town of Nelscott. Charles Ray, the other owner, was the founder of Cloverdale. Below are two mentions of the Della in the Pioneer History of North Lincoln County, Volume 2.

“Merchants Charles P. Nelson and Charles Ray, partners in a general store at Cloverdale, contacted John Bones and asked him to manage a store in his house (in Taft, OR). Nelson and Ray furnished groceries, hardware, and dry goods on consignment and shipped them by boat, a small ocean vessel, the Della.”

“The summer of 1904 the Parmeles built a house on tideland for a store. Charles Ray and Charles Nelson of Cloverdale Mercantile Store agreed to furnish goods to sell in the store, and to bring the merchandise in on the Della, a seagoing vessel.”

From the archives of the North Lincoln County Historical Museum