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Pet Improvement© Radio Show #159 - Taking it to the highest level

If you want to be truly inspired, then this is the show for you. Join Janice Gunn, National caliber trainer with TNT Kennels, as she discusses her passion for Competition Obedience and how she got started at the age of 6. Listen to the podcast and read the column in the Newport News-Times.

Pet tip:

If you are getting a new puppy then remember to puppy proof your house. Take extra care to make sure valuable items are not left on the lower shelves or shoes left out. You wouldn't put your good China where an infant goes so likewise set your puppy up for success. Puppies are also little sponges and training when they are young pays incredible dividends later in life. Janice Gunn with her Labrador and golden retrievers in Abbotsford, BC.