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Bought to us by The Alternative Pet via their radio show, Pet Improvement©, on KNPT 1310 AM Newport, KBCH 1400 AM Lincoln City and KWDP 820 AM Waldport. Every Friday at 8:30 AM. Podcast available.

Pet Improvement© Radio Show #149 An Inside Look at Performance Enhancing Substances for Animals

Join Randall Thomason, nutritional biochemist, for a topic so hot that you will not want to miss the podcast. Why have 26, now 27 horses died at Santa Anita Racetrack? Randall explains the uses and combinations of approved drugs in horses and the potential harm that they can cause.

Pet tip:
Performance enhancement is not just for professional athletes and racehorses. Competitors in dog sports are also often looking for the advantage. Randall says a very safe and beneficial superfood, the simple yam, can be an excellent addition to the diet. The slow burning sugars do not cause insulin spikes and can provide more stamina. Boil the yams and remove the skin and feed a small portion daily or prior to competition.