Correction policy

While Information Station continually strives for excellence and accuracy, we resign the fact that we will occasionally make errors. When these errors are made, Information Station will take responsibility for correcting the error and will maintain a high level of transparency to be sure all parties are confident that the incorrect information does not spread.

The following are the steps each party needs to take to achieve the goals of accuracy, transparency and excellence:


If a reader spots an error, he or she should contact the publishers, Erich Knudson or Wendy Rush Knudson, immediately by email, phone, mail or in person.

Email: [email protected]
Phone number: 541-248-1057. 

A correction is not officially submitted until the reader contacts the publishers directly. Corrections submitted to other Information Station staff members may not be addressed in a timely manner or at all.

If sent by email or mail, corrections should include the correction, the issue date or number, where the correction was seen (in print, online, etc.) the reader’s name and a phone number or email address they can be contacted at. Readers should also include the correct information and a source for where they found that information, if applicable. For example, if a Student Senate vote tally was incorrect, please provide the minutes from that meeting.

The reader can expect a response from the publishers and may be contacted further if a clarification is noted or the editor needs more information. Please note that a correction submission is a guarantee that the error will be investigated but not a guarantee that a correction will be issued.

Information Station:

Once the publisher is made aware of an error, he or she will investigate the error using the information provided by the reader, meeting minutes, reporter’s recordings and any other sources of information available to him or her.

If an error is found, the publishers will issue a correction in all forms that the information was incorrectly disseminated:


Corrections will be printed in the next issue published. The correction will denote the issue, article and incorrect information along with the correction.


The article will be corrected and an editor’s note will be added to the bottom of the article noting what was incorrect and when the article was changed.


If the article was posted on Facebook, Twitter or any other online medium controlled by Information Station, a post will be made linking to the corrected article, noting the correction.

Once the correction is made, the publisher will contact the reader who submitted the correction and inform them the steps that were taken to correct the error.