Product Description
TQSX series Destoner is mainly used in cereal processing plant for separating stone with a specific gravity larger than that of cereals from wheat and paddy, and can also used for separating impurities from other grains.
Working Principle
Due to the difference of density and aerodynamic characteristics, under the action of proper vibration and airflow, the grain with lower density floats in the upper layer, bigger density stones sink to the bottom and come into contact with the screen. Due to the air flow through the material from bottom to top, the material is in fluidization state. Because the stone-removing screen is inclined down slightly, the upper material slides down to the net grain outlet by gravity. At the same time, under the action of vibration and airflow, the lower stone moves back and up along the screen surface, and the stone is discharged through the outlet at the end of the screen surface to achieve the effect of stone removal.
鈼?Applicable for grain processing and storage plant to remove stone from material.
鈼?Full closed construction, no dust spread.
鈼?With air pressure indicator, air pressure and air volume is adjustable.
鈼?High quality stainless steel screen, good stone removing effect.
鈼?Suction type design, negative pressure in work, no dust escape.
鈼?Good performance, low power consumption, low noise and high capacity.
鈼?Convenient operation and maintenance.
Technical Parameter
ModelCapacity (t/h)Power (kw)Size (L*W*H) mmWeight (kg)
TQSX1688~101.51500脳1800脳2000550Rice Processing Equipment quotation