Olympic kettlebbell
Item Olympic kettlebell
Specific 4/6/8/10/12/14/16/18/20 kg
Material Cast iron chorme handal
Color Green ,Pink ,Red ,Blue,orange ,yellow.
鈼?Stainless steel handle, smooth and comfortable
鈼?Unlike normal dumbbells, kettlebell training demands use of not only individual muscles, but an entire muscle group due to its special form. The three-dimensional exercises demand the interplay and coordination of core and motor muscles.
鈼?Handles particularly suited for fast and numerous repetitions without losing strength, Handle suitable for all hand sizes
鈼?The kettlebell has a variety of colors and supports customized colors to add fun to your fitness exercise
First, lift the kettlebell slightly to the back of the hip to drive it.
When kicking, use one direction of the back of the thigh and buttocks more.
Every time you stand up, the buttocks should be contracted at the same time to clamp the gluteus maximus.
The whole movement of lowering must be very relaxing.
It is like a swing of a pendulum to make a swing up and down.
Don't push your hips and waist too much, keep your upper body upright, but tighten your gluteus maximus.
Just hold it, don't lift your arm hard, it must be completely relaxed.Kettlebell in stock