Our automatic complete pig slaughter line capacity is from 100-500 pig per hour.
The complete pig slaughter line including below items:
1Motorized Pig Restrainer
2Electrical Stunning Tool
3Automatic bleeding tunnel
4Drive unit
5Tension device
6Buckle foot device
7Vertical Pig washing machine
8Automatically unload device
9Manual limit brake
10Carcass lifting conveyor
11Scalding and hair emoving unit
12Dressing conveyor
13Carcass automatic processing line
14Drive unit
15Tension device
16Synchronous sanitation inspection (16 plates)
17Offal slide tunnel
18Bridge spliting saw
19Vertical speed up machine
20Reciprocating half split Saw
21On Line Weighing Scale
22Pushing-track line in slaughtering workshop
23Double pulley
24Fork block
25Acid discharging dual push line in chilling room
Equipment detailsPig Slaughter Line factory