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Central Community Event Calendar

Central Community Events Calendar
Central Community Events Calendar

Happy Afternoon Everyone! 😎

Erich here…

So what to do while grounded from the radio, not aloud to work (I truly live to work and do stuff) and are stuck at home twiddling your thumbs, which I have gotten super good at, and Napping, napping is become a thing now. Well, I build stuff. With a keyboard anyway. Light lifting restrictions and all you know… 😜

Before all of this life changing epiphany stuff, we put out a survey about a central community event calendar and received some great feedback! Well, I built stuff instead of circling my thumbs around themselves over and over. It is therapeutic to type and helps work on the fine motor skills that seem to be a bit slower now. I also get to ‘work’ without ‘working’… teeheehee… 🤣

I added some events to the calendar from the libraries in the county so everyone could see the basic functionality. Individuals can add events like garage sales, estate sales, etc. and organizations can add all their events. I am working on being able to sync other calendars thru places like Google Calendars, EventBright, ICAL links, Facebook Events, and so on. I will post an update when I get that completed.

Please give feedback and if there is a feature or something you would like to see, just send us a message!

Event calendar is here: https://information-station.news/lincoln_county_events/

Register Here: https://information-station.news/event-calendar-registration/

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